250: A Stark Comparison 

Bajaj Pulsar F250 vs Suzuki Gixxer SF 

250cc bikes offer budget-friendly city living with excitement. Tested contenders: Bajaj Pulsar F250 vs. Suzuki Gixxer SF 250. Better choice?

Bajaj Pulsar F250 features a semi-faired design with visible engine parts, while Suzuki Gixxer SF 250 boasts a sleek full fairing. 

250: Design & Features Compare 

Bajaj Pulsar F250 vs Suzuki Gixxer SF 

Pulsar's digi-analogue cluster is simpler but more appealing than Gixxer's. Bluetooth has pros/cons, fit-finish decent with minor issues. 

Bajaj Pulsar F250 offers smoother performance with a 2-valve engine. Gixxer SF 250 has more RPM, but Pulsar is smoother and refined. 

Performance & Mileage  

Bajaj Pulsar F250 vs Suzuki Gixxer SF 250: 

Pulsar offers smooth engine, Gixxer excels in fun factor & performance. Gixxer quicker to 100kph (8.58s vs 9.86s) & more fuel-efficient (43.48kpl vs 40.81kpl). 

Pulsar F250 offers superior comfort and agility, making it ideal for urban rides. Light clutch adds to its ease.

250 compared: comfort, ride, and handling.  

Bajaj Pulsar F250 vs Suzuki Gixxer SF 

Both bikes match in twisty handling. Pulsar offers composed, controlled ride, better brakes. Gixxer slightly unsettled on patchy roads.

How to Pick the Right Bike for You

Pulsar F250: Refined & comfy, close in performance to Gixxer SF 250. At 1.5L, it's a steal compared to Gixxer's 2.02L premium price.

SF 250 comparison: verdict 

Bajaj Pulsar F250 vs Suzuki Gixxer 

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