Charlize Theron's Car Collection

The initial automobile in Charlize Theron's car collection is a modest Toyota Prius Hybrid.

Toyota Prius Hybrid $23,000  

Charlize also possesses a Lexus RX450h Hybrid, indicating her enduring interest in hybrid vehicles.

Lexus RX450h Hybrid $50,000  

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No celebrity car collection is truly whole without a Range Rover, and Charlize Theron is no exception. She owns the Evoque SUV.

Range Rover Evoque  $43,000 

Charlize Theron's car collection includes the Audi S7, symbolizing her spirit of adventure. Audi stands out as a renowned luxury automaker based in Germany.

Audi S7 $85,000  

The upcoming German luxury automobile in Charlize's collection is the BMW X5. The X5 stands as a well-liked luxury SUV, cherished by numerous celebrities and renowned figures globally.

BMW X5  $58,000 

Charlize Theron possesses the flagship model from the German luxury car brand, BMW 7 Series, as part of her car collection.

BMW 7 Series  $88,000  

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