Motorcycle Concepts by Ola 

Unveiling of Four Fresh Electric 

Among the concepts are a cruiser, an ADV, a roadster, and what Ola refers to as the Diamondhead model.

Ola unveiled the affordable S1 X and Gen 2 S1 Pro e-scooters, along with 4 e-bike concepts: cruiser, ADV, roadster, futuristic Diamondhead. No specs yet, hinted launch by 'end 2024'.

Ola's Diamondhead: Bold electric bike resembling concept motorcycles, featuring dome windscreen, LED headlamp, and innovative digital display.

Details of the Ola Diamondhead concept

Distinctive hub-centred steering with front swingarm, belt drive, and potent dual front disc brakes indicate a performance focus.

Ola's founder hails Diamondhead as groundbreaking, future-defining EV for global motorcycling.

Ola Electric's bike launch timeline unclear, 'end 2024' hinted for first motorcycle.

Ola Electric bike launch timeline

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